Setting Startup Goals For Your Company

Posted originally at: CTI Innovations “Setting Goals For Your Startup” on September 30, 2016

“As a tech startup grows, CEOs and founders need to set areas of achievement for departments. These goals are going to define the pace at which the company grows and the level of performance expected from each department head. The goals should be in line with the mission and values of the company and, most important, in line with the board of directors’ expectations and the exit strategy of the business.”

“If the company is targeting quick growth, development and an exit through IPO or acquisition, the CEO should look toward identifying measurable development and revenue goals over a three- to five-year plan with smaller quarterly objectives. Identify your market, what it takes to become a leader in your market, and the resources required to meet those sales and development goals. Focus on controlling spending and maintaining revenue. Drive a revenue goal and run-rate. Target competitors and surpass them through product and service functionality, and global sales outreach.”

“If the company is targeting a long-standing path of success, it is best to target annual strategy goals. Give your team the ability to grow slowly and without error. Focus on the long-term roadmap, developing employees within and throughout the organization, and gradually growing the team in various departments pushing innovation and cost control. “There are various ways to set goals; however, the primary approach depends on the short- and long-term expectation or plan for the business.”

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