OKR consulting that is implementation ready with measurable results

We support organizations to plan, design, adopt and implement OKR strategies that fit their unique goals, culture and resources.

We are here to help you develop a culture of focus.

Our commitment is to help you foster a culture that is committed and aligned to achieve clear, well-defined goals. Leading to higher employee engagement, better performance, and aligned management.

Our services

From strategic development to partnership

We provide you with tailored solutions that are appropriate for your organization and will help you achieve the best results.

OKR Consulting

We help you identify gaps and design your strategy so your teams can have a strategic plan that keeps your team focused, drives alignment, and quickly adopts OKRs.

OKR Implementation

Our approach is made for agile teams to ensure that your team adapts as they grow. We aim to make sure your team continues your momentum and amplifies your performance.

OKR Training

We’ll equip your team of OKR coaches with the proper skills and knowledge needed to boost your business’s growth and longevity.

OKR Advisory

Our expert guidance ensures alignment of your goals with your vision, driving focus and accountability throughout the company. With our support, you’ll achieve heightened team collaboration, faster execution, and continuous improvement.

Who is it for

From small businesses to Fortune 500, we support teams at every level

We work with organizations at every level to improve focus, alignment, rhythm, and agility.

Executive Level

We help CEOs and leaders align their vision among each other and clearly communicate their goals and objectives with their teams.

Team Level

We get your team aligned with with your vision and have conviction on what they are working towards to ensure a high level of engagement.

We’ve worked with leading companies across industries like yours!

How we do it – Listen, Think & Do

Working with you to create a visionary strategy that adapts and advances with your organization.

We perform a deep analysis and work closely with you as stakeholders. We partner with you to make sure your team can execute the strategy using your current teams.

Discovery session

Open, thorough Q&A session to clearly define your vision and objectives.

Program design

We will craft OKR programs specific to your resources and timeline including recommended action points to keep track of your success.

Team readiness

The execution plan will involve your team to keep every stakeholder focused on the objective and aligned to the vision.

Rinse and repeat

We equip you with a plan that helps you adapt with your evolving needs which you can replicate as you go.

Ongoing partnership

We will be here advising and coaching you through your OKR execution cycle until you’re ready to carry it out internally. Then we can focus on scaling your efforts to achieve scaleable or sustainable growth based on your unique situation.

Your partners in success

Over a decade worth of experience

A team with over 15 years of experience helping SMBs across industries design, implement and refine their processes.

Ray McKenzie | Founder

Ray McKenzie

Founder and Managing Director

Walter G Ferrer

Leadership Consultant

John-Mario "Mario" Pujol

Management Consultant - Business Strategy and Planning

Shelli Price

Government Services Proposal Manager

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