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Helping scaling businesses gain the most out of their technology.

If you are searching for technology to enhance security, reduce expenses, or increase productivity, it is crucial to use tools that operate in unison, maintaining a streamlined workflow. Consolidating tools may sometimes be a more effective solution than adding new ones. We provide guidance in making the correct decision.

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Experience that spans industries and built over years.

Working with small to medium companies all the way to fortune 1000 enterprises across wide variety of industries, we understand your compliance and security needs. That’s why we specialize in providing direct feedback and implementation that improves security measures and meet compliance requirements no matter what it is.

Areas of focus

Helping you identify, quantify and maximize your tech investment ROI

We are a results oriented consultancy with a firm grasp not just in saving our clients money, but also meeting security standards, staying compliant, and achieving a good governance standing.

Security and cyber threat prevention

When we audit, we help our clients identify any possible cyber security threats and how to prevent them

Revenues, cost savings & productivity

We help our clients identify missed opportunities & cost savings potential all while focusing on improving overall operational efficiency and productivity.

Compliance and governance

Working with larger enterprises (4000+ employees) we have a firm grasp on how to meet compliancy and governance standards.

Areas of focus

Three fundamentals, Tied in results.

Three pillars that brings you results.

First step - Analyze

01 Analyze

Thorough audits that helps us identify problems and gaps in your operation.

02 Strategize

An action plan that brings you closer to your goals and objectives.


03 Execute

Being partners more than consultants, we take action with you to help you implement a smooth transition.

Results focused consulting

Some of the results we brought our clients.


In annual cost savings for a midsized company.


In cost reduction in hardware, software licensing and support / subscription fees

3 Years

Reduction of network footprint minimizing cybersecurity risks and governance concerns for a Fortune 1000 company.


Lower IT support costs from reduced helpdesk tickets and time savings.

We act as your partner, not just a consultant.

Helping you gain visibility and use research-backed decisions.


Stakeholder interview and auditing

We set interview sessions to understand your current situation and objectives. In addition, we conduct a full audit on your tech stack.


Executive recommendations and readout

We help understand all the problems and gaps in your tech stack so we can create a strategic plan on what tackle by priority. From costs, missed revenues, potential security threats and so on.


Outlining a strategic roadmap

Mapping out the entire process of your tech stack implementation, what needs to be changed, consolidated or removed in order to align your team and ease new technology adoption.


Partnering and implementing the plan

We partner together and execute on the plan with minimal operational interference, helping your reach your objectives easily.

Let’s discover hidden opportunities in your tech stack.

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Over a decade worth of experience

A team with over 15 years of experience helping SMBs across industries design, implement and refine their processes.

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Ray McKenzie

Founder and Managing Director

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Leadership Consultant

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Management Consultant - Business Strategy and Planning

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Government Services Proposal Manager

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