IOT: What it means for an enterprise company

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The growth of individual devices in the enterprise is increasing at an extreme rate. Boston Consulting Group recently reported that by 2020, the IoT market will reach and exceed $267 Billion. With explosive growth in technology and new devices, comes increased cybersecurity concerns for companies, businesses, and organizations.

As more companies adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and allow connections to their networks through wi-fi, security risks for corporate IT is increased. Each device added to an environment brings its own inherent security vulnerabilities through software or potential code vulnerabilities. As IoT devices/solutions are added to environments, corporations need methods and technologies in order to detect these additions, as well as to ensure security throughout their networks. 1.png

IoT and SIEM
A widely adopted solution for the growing IoT market has been for companies to utilize a security information and event management (SIEM) platform. SIEM platforms allow organizations the ability to monitor events within their networks to identify and detect security threats to their corporate environment. As we all know, cybersecurity is no longer optional, but mandatory–as is detecting security threats for environments. SIEM platforms allow organizations:

  • To correlate events to easily identify any breach within their network
  • The customization and new rule development to spot security threats
  • The ability to ingest data from multiple sources and devices, correlate the events, and measure these against defined rules by the IT security department or security operations center (SOC)

SIEM and customization
As more devices and technologies are adopted by users, administrators, and executives, a flexible SIEM solution is now a requirement. For an SIEM solution to be effective for a company, it needs to be capable of continuous improvement and customization. As emerging and evolving threats are revealed daily, SOCs need to be able to adapt and protect their environment. SOCs also must have the ability to:

  • Develop new SIEM rules
  • Draft the rules via a stable framework
  • Share this information within security communities to not only protect their environment, but others who may be susceptible to threats

As companies and organizations continue to grow and adapt to changing technologies, it is imperative IT organizations and departments utilize the best-of-breed solutions to combat cybersecurity threats. The IoT market is here to stay and will continue growing!

Original Article Posted:

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