Attack on enterprises for PII and the need for User Behavior Analytics

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Information is the key. Information is what executives, employees, buyers, sellers, competition, and partners are in search of.

The cyber-attack and cybercrime statistics are across the news:

  • Ransomware attacks are up 250% in 2017 according to a report from security firm Kapersky
  • Cybercrime damage costs to reach $6 Trillion by 2021
  • Human attack surface to reach 4 Billion people by 2020

The steps to protect PII within organizations and to be aware of the possibility of insider leaks is at the forefront of security operations (SecOps) and security operations centers (SOC) globally.  The focus of cybercrime has begun its shift away from vulnerabilities within hardware and software and has shifted to focusing on people.  Malware, phishing attacks, ransomware and other methods have become the central focus for hackers and the “bad guys”.  There is also a threat of irregular behavior by employees that can lead to the release of PII, credentials, critical company information and resources.  Companies and SecOps teams need to strengthen their stance on these threats which affect their enterprise as much, if not more, than external attacks.

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As a solution to internal security concerns and threats of the release of information, enterprises have begun to employ security information and event management (SIEM) and user behavior analytics (UBA) solutions within their environment. SIEM solutions allow organizations to detect known threats from threat intelligence collected and implemented into the environment.  UBA solutions allow organizations to track inside behavior activity through key machine learning to identify data leaks, account compromise, or insider abuse.  Through the detection of anomalies by inside behavior companies are able to stay ahead of potential breaches.

Another critical factor to the protection of PII for companies is the increase in remote workers.  Remote workers are more prevalent as companies grow and expand their presence and these workers often time utilize non-traditional methods for accessing company resources.  Through UBA, companies are able to monitor worker activity, patterns, and behavior to ensure security throughout their environment.

Protecting PII for internal use, customers, and clients is of the utmost important for enterprises.  Implementing intelligent solutions with adaptability, analytical capabilities, and customization allow organizations to protect themselves from known threats outside of the environment and also protect themselves from insider threats by employees and resources.

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