5 Toughest Job Roles to fill in Cyber Security

Cyber Security Staff

According to Cybrary, the demand for professionals in the Cyber Security industry is bound to grow by 12% between 2016 and 2026. The Cyber Security industry is one of the most rapidly growing industry of recent times. Jobs in Cyber Security can be highly rewarding provided the candidates have the necessary skills and required knowledge.

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Now, let us look at some of the top 5 toughest roles to fill in the Cyber Security industry.

1. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developer is responsible for developing interfaces and applications using blockchain technology. He is also responsible for designing and implementing a secure blockchain network. 

He should have excellent knowledge and experience in handling the entire lifecycle of a blockchain application. He should be able to implement protocols and optimize them accordingly to suit the application requirements. He should also oversee the security aspect of the blockchain application.

An ideal Blockchain Developer would be someone having outstanding knowledge of blockchain technologies and P2P networks. He should have strong knowledge of concurrency and data structures. He should also have an appropriate experience of working with open-source projects with large codebases. Knowledge of cryptography would be preferred. 

2. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

An Artificial Intelligence Specialist is responsible for writing programs and application code to simulate the thinking process. He applies his skills in engineering and computer science to develop machines and software programs that can think for themselves. 

An Artificial Intelligence Specialist creates and develops AI models to build advanced, smart systems. The best candidate for the role of AI Specialist would be someone who has an outstanding knowledge of AI principles, machine learning, and neuro-linguistic programming. He should be able to convert ML models into APIs for software applications. 

In addition to this, he should possess excellent knowledge of various frameworks and algorithms. He should also have a thorough knowledge of linear algebra, statistics, and probability.

cyber security staff
System Security Specialist Working at System Control Center. Room is Full of Screens Displaying Various Information.

3. Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Security Engineer is responsible for protecting systems and networks from threats and vulnerabilities in cyberspace. He could be responsible for either application security, network security, cloud security, or information security. 

His primary responsibility is to develop, implement and maintain high-tech solutions to protect the systems from hacking, malware, ransomware, and other kinds of cybercrime attacks. The application he develops should be intelligent enough to detect and neutralize threats. 

An ideal candidate for the role of Cyber Security Engineer would the one who has an outstanding knowledge of various security controls and encryption technologies. He should have excellent coding skills and should be well-versed with penetration and vulnerability testing. Developing strategies for system security and undertaking system integrations are also the duties of a Cyber Security Engineer.

4. Network Administrator

Network Administrator‘s job typically involves the day-to-day operation of networks. He is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of networks. 

His duties involve monitoring the computer networks and identifying how to improve their performance. He is responsible for identifying the problems and solving them accordingly. 

In addition to this, these investigative individuals are also responsible to conduct checks on data systems to ensure that they are optimized. Furthermore, they are also responsible for maintaining the security of the systems and other telecommunication networks by analyzing the network logs.

5. GDPR Data Protection Officer 

Last but definitely not the least, GDPR Data Protection Officer is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with the GDPR requirements. He oversees the company’s data protection strategy and its implementation.

He is responsible for conducting system audits to ensure its compliance with GDPR. In addition to this, he should also maintain the records of all data protection activities.

An ideal candidate for this job role would be the one who has an outstanding knowledge of data protection rules and regulations. The candidate should also have excellent knowledge of data processing operations in the system as well as computer security systems.


These were some of the top toughest jobs to fill in cybersecurity.

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