Case Study: Finance/Insurance Company Increases Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Client Needs: 

Our small business client, State Farm Insurance, and Neal Bracewell Insurance, needed to increase productivity and improve customer and client retention for their agency.  By averaging more than 100 customer and client tasks each day which needed to be completed, the ability to pursue new sales was limited and the operational efficiency was lacking and absent. 

Red Beach Advisors Solution: 

Red Beach Advisors reviewed the current daily operations processes for the agency staff and how tasks were completed throughout the day.  In analyzing the daily tasks and duties of the staff internally, we structured a plan for each staff member to contribute in all areas of the agency.  Each staff member needed to be cross-trained in all areas of the agency, including new sales, customer service, client retention and relationship building, and interaction with corporate headquarters.  Through cross-training and organizational scheduling, along with a focus on developing more interaction with clients, we were able to improve the operational efficiency of the agency, improve client interaction, and increase the ability to develop new sales revenue.


State Farm / Neal Bracewell Insurance was able to reduce their operational daily tasks immediately by 84% increasing client interaction and improving customer relations.  Our client was also able to increase their customer satisfaction ratings by 25% through improved responsiveness to client requests and a larger focus on customer needs.