Case Study: Cybersecurity/DDoS Mitigation Firm Improves Service Delivery and Performance

Client Needs:
As an internationally headquartered company looking to expand into the North America market, Nexusguard needed Red Beach Advisors to develop process and procedures for their expanded operations to perform and service their sales staff and new clientele. They needed to meet and improve their customers’ requests for quick service activation and performance.

Red Beach Advisors Solution:

Red Beach Advisors met with each Nexusguard department involved in the acquisition and delivery of services. This included the Sales, Sales Operations, Technical Operations, Engineering, and Customer Support departments to understand their business and involvement in on-boarding new clients. After an evaluation of their current practices, we reviewed the information with executive leadership. We drafted and documented the current process and procedures and then provided significant revisions and process instructions to streamline their business operations to deliver services to new clients and customers. We implemented several industry best practices to improve the communication between departments and the messaging sent to customers. We implemented workflow process and systems relevant to improve the tracking of content, steps for implementation, and client tracking. We also implemented account management follow up and survey requirements to gauge customer satisfaction and address any needs.


Nexusguard improved their service performance and reduced their time of service delivery to clients of newly purchased services by 240% from an average of 12 days to an average of 5 days.

Red Beach Advisors – Case Study: Improve Service Delivery and Performance