Case Study: Cannabis Device Sales Company Experiences 300% Revenue Growth

Client Needs:

As a startup cannabis device supplier, Blaze Lab Solutions had a strategic goal to grow its device sales revenue from year two to year three by more than 150%. Blaze Lab Solutions did not have a strategic sales and marketing plan to achieve this goal and required assistance.
Red Beach Advisors Solution:
Red Beach Advisors reviewed the strategic annual sales and marketing plan with Blaze executive management.  Our review and analysis of the current sales strategy allowed us to develop a plan which was structured to exponentially grow revenue through multiple methods.  We worked with the Blaze sales organization to explore areas for revenue growth and develop a strategic plan for execution understanding their products, services, and target demographic.  Through the execution of the strategic sales and marketing plan, Blaze was able to establish multiple relationships, expand their brand recognition, and close numerous revenue generating deals within three quarters of sales activity.  The sales and marketing strategy was accelerated through increased exposure at trade shows and additional positive legislation which increased the cannabis industry consumers in the Western Region of the United States.
Blaze Lab Solutions also tripled their device sales revenue growth (300% revenue growth) for the past twelve months to exceed one million dollars in annual product sales in nine months of sales department performance. Blaze Lab Solutions was also able to solidify their position in the Western Region as the provider of cannabis related device sales and establish four exclusive manufacturer agreements.