Case Study: Red Beach Advisors Leads Stratalux Achievement as AWS Managed Service Partner

Client Needs:

As a growing Amazon Web Services (AWS) managed services consulting partner, Stratalux, had a strategic goal to achieve Advanced Consulting and Managed Service Partner status with AWS.  Through achieving Advanced Consulting partner status and becoming a certified Managed Service Partner (MSP), Stratalux would be well positioned to receive recognition from AWS as a next-generation partner.

Red Beach Advisors Solution:
Stratalux contracted Red Beach Advisors to assist with the process of guiding the organization through the process of becoming a certified AWS Next-Generation MSP.  Red Beach Advisors engaged executive management with Stratalux to understand the strategic vision of the business.  We then reviewed the AWS requirements from AWS to become a next-generation partner. Over the course of 90 days working with Stratalux, Red Beach Advisors focused on the collection of information to meet the requirements of AWS, structuring the process and procedures to implement within Stratalux, identifying security systems and protocols, and examining the managed services customer relationships for current status.  Through the review process of 90 days, Red Beach Advisors was able to guide Stratalux to receive its certification as an AWS MSP by meeting 98% of the outlined requirements.
Stratalux achieved AWS Next-Generation Managed Service Partner status in 2016 and was announced as a Managed Service Partner at AWS re:Invent.